We're changing the renting game.

Flatfish has a dream to empower landlords and renters. We exist to help everyone out there to Rent Happy.

Founded in Wellington, New Zealand by 4 friends, we were inspired by problems we've faced during flatting. 2016 saw us embark on a massive journey to learn everything we can about what tenants and landlords want and how we can help.

Enabling renters and landlords to communicate issues is just the start. Flatfish is creating a platform that will make it easy to Rent Happy. You can help us reach that vision by using our initial service today.

We're passionate about making a positive change and would love to have you join our journey as a renter, landlord, property manager, business mentor or investor.

Our Vision

Rent happy.

For tenants:

We believe that everyone should be able to live in a safe and healthy home. Flatfish exists to help tenants find these places.

For landlords:

We feel that everyone should have their property looked after. Flatfish aims to help landlords find reliable and trustworthy tenants.

Who's behind the magic?

Tal Meser

Florian Sänger

Taylor Coleman

Tim Dorrian

Nick Schuler

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